A look at the Task Marketplace’s debut month

4 min readNov 30, 2023

It’s been a month since we launched the new Bepro Marketplace. Since then, Bepro’s user base has more than doubled, with the community actively engaging, and numerous builders from diverse backgrounds embracing the challenge of tackling tasks in the Open Marketplace.

In this article, we’ll share the progress achieved and feedback collected from our community of builders during the first month of the new Task Marketplace.

A new wave of builders joins Bepro

The creation of the Open Marketplace brought a wave of new users to Bepro, propelling the platform’s user base from 150 to more than 300 builders! The influx of new users not only expanded the platform’s reach but also enriched the ecosystem with a multitude of perspectives and expertise from a broader community of builders.

The changes introduced to Bepro allow organizations to create any type of task tailored to their specific needs. Since the launch, 18 tasks have been created, with 8 of them successfully closed by builders.

The completed tasks include tasks from design, translation, video creation, presentation design, among others, making the Open Marketplace the perfect place for organizations to find the talent they need to advance their projects. As for builders, the marketplace has become a go-to hub for professionals from different backgrounds to collaborate while earning in crypto.

Task rewards exceeding 700K $BEPRO

The quality of the work delivered has been outstanding with innovative problem-solving evident in every task completed. This high-quality work has granted contributors rewards that amount to 761.7K $BEPRO with an average reward of 95.21K $BEPRO per task. The ease to collaborate and work on tasks has been a big hit among builders who love the idea of solving tasks and getting paid in crypto.

How your organization can leverage Bepro to grow 🚀

The significant growth in Bepro’s user base in just one month underscores the need for decentralized work platforms. Decentralized collaboration platforms like Bepro are a great way for web3 organizations to engage with their communities, foster collaboration and gain visibility next to external communities.

Bepro offers two possibilities for creating tasks: the Open Marketplace, where anyone can create tasks and earn rewards, and Custom Task Marketplaces that grant organizations the possibility of creating fully customizable marketplaces tailored to their specific needs and communities.

A Custom Marketplace is a powerful tool for organizations and DAOs that want to outsource the development of their projects globally and involve their communities in it. Custom Marketplaces allow organizations to pay builders with their native token, providing a strong incentive for builders seeking work opportunities in exchange for crypto payments. To get more information on the benefits of Custom Marketplaces, please reach out to our team. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Bepro is one of the few task collaboration platforms where organizations can pay in crypto, with a fully automated process that relies on smart contracts and without the platform holding custody of the tokens. Just create the task, choose the best solution and the platform handles the rest.

Open your projects for collaboration in under 1 minute

The Task Marketplace allows you to overcome geographical barriers and opens the door to talented individuals from across the globe to collaborate on your projects with increased efficiency and transparency.

Creating tasks is as easy as filling a simple form with the task requirements and the reward information. The platform supports all types of tasks such as design, marketing, writing, translation, development and many others. No matter what kind of work your organization needs to get done, just specify the task requirements and Bepro’s community of builders will take it from there. When solutions have been submitted to the tasks you created, simply review the work delivered and propose a reward to the best solution.

A final word

The first month of the Task Marketplace has seen Bepro’s user base more than double with the builder community actively adhering to the new platform and delivering high-quality work. The active participation and engagement from builders supports the notion that Bepro is succeeding in providing a rewarding experience for contributors within the builder community and can serve as a talent pool where organizations can find the skills they need to accelerate their projects.

In case you’re new to Bepro but want to start leveraging the Task Marketplace to speed up your projects or workflow, you can learn more about how to create tasks and reward distribution. If you have any other questions about tasks or marketplaces, you can consult our FAQs section.

Grow your project with the Task Marketplace

Creating tasks at Bepro is easy and user-friendly. The Task Marketplace allows you to overcome geographical barriers and opens the door to talented individuals from across the globe to collaborate on your projects with full transparency.

Head over to app.bepro.network and start creating tasks with no hassle. If you wish to learn more about Bepro, please reach out to Henrique Silva or Daniela Silva to schedule a call!




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