Bepro Network closes a partnership with Bitgert to develop their own Bounty Network.

2 min readOct 12, 2022
Bepro Network closes a partnership with Bitgert to develop their own Bounty Network.

We’re thrilled to announce that Bepro Network has closed a partnership with Bitgert for the development of their own Bounty Network!
This will be the second web3 project that will have its own Customized Bounty Network on top of the Bepro Protocol and we are proud of it.

The protocol will attract community developers to work and contribute to Bitgert Bounty Network GitHub repositories in a decentralized and sustainable manner.

How will the bounty network work?

By locking a certain amount of ERC-20 tokens allowed by Bitgert team, the community, or the organization itself can launch Bounties. Any developer in the world can develop the feature requested by the bounty promoter and receive the ERC-20 token locked for each specific Bounty.

Furthermore, the community can create a bounty and request funding. Everyone in the network can contribute to the bounty in order to deliver a feature, service, or develop a piece of software that serves the entire community.
In addition, bounty contributors are given an NFT to recognize their efforts on a specific task.

About Bitgert

Bitgert is a crypto engineering organization that has built a super-fast blockchain, which has +100k TPS and has zero cost gas fee.

About TAIKAI Labs

TAIKAI Labs is the main contributor to the Bepro Network.
Our vision is to create a decentralized developer hub through bounties, hackathons, educational materials and tools for the development of web3 projects.
At the moment, TAIKAI Labs has three main products:




Building next-generation web3 products. We are a builder hub that connects developers and organizations through hackathons and bounties.