Bepro Network & TAIKAI Labs Monthly Report — June 2022

4 min readJun 30, 2022


Bepro Network & TAIKAI Labs Monthly Report — June 2022
Bepro Network & TAIKAI Labs Monthly Report — June 2022

June was a remarkable month for us given that we achieved one of our goals for the year — announcing

Here’s a breakdown of everything we accomplished this month:

Welcoming dappKit — The simple way to start your web3 project
dappKit is an open-source SDK that allows developers to create web3 products and features, in as little as three lines of code. The framework is a major overall of the former bepro.js, including more features, documentation, and guides.

Start your first web3 project

dappKit AMA session
After the official launch of dappKit, we decided to organize an AMA so that the community could clarify all doubts about the web3 SDK. Thanks to everyone that joined in and submitted questions, we had a blast!

Roadmap and overview of dappKit

dappKit reached #10 at Product Hunt
Another important goal for us was to launch dappKit on Product Hunt: a community-based platform where creators can launch new products or services.
Through PH, more developers can learn about dappKit, as well as test and provide honest reviews.
We’ve finished the week on #10 trending launches and #5 on web3 products.

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Consensus 2022 by Coindesk — Austin, TX

The team visited Consensus 2022: a showcase and celebration of all that crypto has to offer.
We had a chance to connect with other projects, meet our partners and form new relationships.
CEO Mário Alves also hosted a talk at Telos Foundation World where he discussed the vision of TAIKAI Labs and Bepro Network.

How can web3 projects accelerate innovation?
The recent boom of web3 projects has brought with it the urgency to accelerate the growth and innovation of these organizations, or they risk being left adrift.
In this article, we’ll go over how you can promote sustainable growth and accelerate innovation in your existing (or upcoming) web3 project.

Find out 3 ways companies use to accelerate web3 innovation

How to build a web3 community
Decentralization, innovation, and web3 development are only possible through people, and in order to make that happen, there must be a united community that fights for the initiative tooth and nail.
Building a community does come with its own set of challenges, though.
In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know to build a web3 community from the ground up.

Tips and insights we learned from our community

TAIKAI was selected for Startup Lisboa’s Rocket Program

We have been selected as one of the 13 startups for the Startup Lisboa’s incubation Rocket Program 🚀
The program is focused on scaling startups in different industries, with TAIKAI being selected under the web3 sector.

Read more about the program

TAIKAI featured on Telos Foundation
Telos team shared an article showcasing TAIKAI, our vision, and goals. We’re happy to have them as a partner using our platform for web3 and NFT hackathons.

Check out Telos article

Introducing 3 new members
June was also the month to welcome three new members to our team.
Agustín do Rego, our new Social Media Manager, will be working on building and managing our social media presence, both for TAIKAI and Bepro Network.
Henrique Silva and Manuel Miranda also joined us, both as Business Development Manager and Business Development Representative, respectively.

We’re also recruiting a QA Engineer — apply here.

About Bepro Network

Bepro Network is a codebase for DeFi, Gaming, Prediction Markets & More. We are a Code-as-a-Service protocol providing technology and support for blockchain-based applications.



TAIKAI is a talent marketplace that connects creators and organizations through crowdsourcing solutions to their challenges. The tools developed by the company for hackathons and hiring challenges enable global testing and validation of new ideas, products, and talent.





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