Bepro Network v2 — The bounty network for decentralized development

3 min readOct 7, 2022


Bepro Network v2 — The bounty network for decentralized development

After a highly anticipated development period, we are delighted to announce the release of Bepro Network’s v2 protocol.

The bounty network has been updated with new features, fixes, and improvements. Here’s what has changed:

New features

Create a custom bounty network

  • Organizations, DAOs and Layer 1 & Layer 2 protocols are able to launch their custom Bounty Network using their own branding and community.
  • Create and manage bounties using your own token. Ability to also use USDC or any other ERC-20 as the payment currency for bounties.
  • Select your own curators or delegate them to the community to review and create proposals for bounty distribution.


  • Funding Request — Contributors can propose the development of new features and products and request funding.
  • All the contributors (developers, council members) on a bounty will receive a non-transferable NFT as a certificate of completion and to recognize their work.


We set up a blog to provide quick and easy access to our educational materials inside the platform.


New UI and design

We redesigned the web app from scratch in order to simplify the bounty creation process.

Improved homepage

Our homepage has been revamped to better highlight and explain who we are, what we do, and how a bounty works.

Development DAO stakeholders

  • Developer — Contributor who made the technical work specified on the bounty. More than one person can contribute to the bounty.
  • Bounty Promoter — Stakeholder that creates and defines a bounty on a network and deposits the initial reward in tokens to be distributed to developers and the curator.
  • Curator — a protocol participant that proposes merge proposal + bounty distribution to solve the bounty. The participant must have a certain amount of staked tokens to be eligible to be a curator.

Main System Components

The decentralized framework is delivered by the following 3 main components:

  • Github Bot — That connects to all the Github repositories and manages integration between the protocol and promoter repositories.
  • Web Application — To allow the bounty promoters to open bounties, lock tokens to be curators on the protocol, manage disputes, and reward distributions.
  • Bepro Protocol — A smart contract deployed on the bounty promoter EVM where all the dispute/settlement infrastructures are executed.

General improvements

  • Simplified the management system to handle disputes in the network.

What’s coming?

We are currently focused on bringing more accessibility features to the protocol’s v2. This includes:

  • Bounties will be associated with tags, for example, programming tags like Solidity, C’++, and so on;
  • Add a Bounty Discovery page to list bounties from all the networks;




Building next-generation web3 products. We are a builder hub that connects developers and organizations through hackathons and bounties.