Builder Series #1: RealFevr

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Builder Series #1: RealFevr
Builder Series #1: RealFevr

RealFevr chose to use the BEPRO Network Codebase and Ecosystem for the development of its platform at RealFevr generated revenues greater than +3M€ (data from RealFevr) for its first pack sales plus marketplace volume. Its NFT moments collectibles for football were the first to capitalize on digital rights on video moments represented by ERC721 Objects in Binance Smart Chain.

Using BEPRO Network’s Codebase, RealFevr also utilized bepro-js for use-cases such as Staking, Token Distribution, and launching their own ERC20 token on BSC.

A summary of the Marketplace sales can be found below (data from RealFevr)

Technicalities and General Usage

RealFevr was able to create this by deploying their own ERC20 contract, starting a new Application, and attaching the RealFevrOpener class with the application connection. Then they created a new RealFevrMarketplace by providing their own erc20, along with the opener.

After that was done, it was a matter of calling the createPack function to create a pack, and transfer it via offerPack, or directly using putERC721OnSale. These functions, along with openPack, mint, and others, were at their disposal to launch their marketplace.

A general and more comprehensive guide can be found below with examples, including a step-by-step process on how all of this was accomplished by their development team (with help from Bepro Network Labs’ development support agents via discord and telegram).

Current Development Process

RealFevr is working with Bepro Network Labs and other community developers to update their codebase to the new typescript version, providing updates to their implementations and integration tests.

This is an example of the relevancy of general use-cases in the bepro-js codebase to a third-party project. It showcases growth and cooperation between two teams to climb the learning curve for all projects involved.

Here RealFevr is using Bepro Network as a tool (bepro-js), a development agency (together with community developers from Bepro Network), and for general help from Bepro Network Labs in terms of direction and technical advisory.

More can be found in the object MarketplaceRealFvr.sol, OpenerRealFvr.sol, and subsequent Javascript Wrappers.

Currently, you can find open issues and test issues created by RealFevr at

The future, integrations and needs

The future of bepro-js is represented by all the builders & contributors of its own codebase. This codebase is made as an example of how open source should be built for custom use cases.

RealFevr is already a project interested and enrolled in the whitelabel marketplace protocol program to be one of the first testers.

You can find more about the whitelabel marketplace protocol infrastructure at

We see RealFevr as a great example of how builders and contributors are part of the ecosystem, and we thank them for all their support and trust.

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