How hiring happens in web3

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How hiring happens in web3
How hiring happens in web3

Web3 is upending more than just the economy and business models. It is also changing how we recruit and get hired.

We’re not just talking about full-time jobs either. Other ways of work are emerging, such as bounties. These are similar to freelancer jobs, however, people are typically paid in crypto for completing specific tasks or issues.

Furthermore, there is a social network (hint: it’s not LinkedIn) that has started to redefine the way industry professionals find tech talent: Discord.

More and more web3 experts are being invited to join projects and full-time jobs because of their involvement in the network.

In this article, we’ll explore the many ways web3 has been shaping the recruitment world and how you can make the most of it.

Table of contents

Web3 hiring through Discord
How to use Discord to hire web3 talent
Hiring through web3 bounties
How to use bounties to hire web3 talent
The new Web3 Resume
Final thoughts

Web3 hiring through Discord

Discord is a chat platform launched in 2015 and has since become one of the most popular chat platforms used by gamers.

Discord’s popularity can be attributed to its features, which include voice and video calling, as well as its ability to be used on both desktop and mobile devices.

In recent years, Discord evolved from being branded as a gaming platform into a hub for large tech and web3 communities. We use Discord at Bepro Network (along with Telegram) to house our own community and ambassadors.

We also use the platform for our company’s internal coms.

The web3 community is one of the most active and engaged communities on Discord, with thousands of developers sharing knowledge and collaborating on various projects.

Many recruiters who are looking to hire experts in specific areas such as web3 development use the Discover section on Discord to find these developers and connect with them directly.

Additionally, many of these servers can be found using platforms like Disforge and DiscordMe.

While there are many different ways that web3 developers use Discord, the main goal is to connect with other members of the community, share knowledge and work together on various projects.

Whether you’re a developer looking for new opportunities or simply interested in learning more about the web3 space, Discord is a great resource for you.

How to use Discord to hire web3 talent

Web3 engineering and technical recruiting are two of the most commonly discussed topics on Discord, so you’re bound to find plenty of qualified candidates.

Here are a few tips on how to use Discord for web3 hiring:

Specialized candidates
With the recent increase in the popularity of blockchain technology, there is now a high demand for developers who are specialized in this area.

Discord servers provide a space for these types of communities to gather and share information.

Target specific audiences
By searching for specific servers on Discord, you can easily find users who work with specific web3 languages, such as Solidity, Vyper, or Rust.

There are also servers that focus on specific qualifications and skills, as well as people interested in specific industries.

Sharing is caring
In terms of engagement, it’s common to see developers on Discord exchanging knowledge about topics and sharing code they’ve created and published on GitHub. Assessing their work is often far more useful than analyzing a CV.

Developers often engage with each other on Discord, sharing knowledge and code they’ve published on GitHub.

Assessing their work and hard skills is often far more useful than analyzing a CV.

A pool of millions
According to statistics reports (2022), Discord has 140 million monthly active users and over 390 million registered members.

Furthermore, some data reports suggest that Discord has nearly 19 million active servers per week, while others claim 6,7 million.

Whatever the correct number is, there’s a big enough pool of people to screen and hire for your project.

Hiring through web3 bounties

Web3 bounties are a great way for developers to earn money by working on interesting projects.

These bounties are posted on various online platforms, such as Bepro Network, and developers can submit proposals in order to complete the tasks that have been outlined. If their work is approved, they then receive payment for completing the assignment.

Bounties are changing the way hiring happens in web3, for many reasons.

  • From the perspective of HR managers, CTOs, and other management roles, bounties can be used as a test to evaluate the best candidates, similar to a hiring challenge.
  • Alternatively, you may not need to recruit anyone using “conventional” hiring methods at all. You could use bounties for decentralized development instead, similar to what many DAO and web3 projects are already doing.
  • By working on bounties, blockchain developers gain experience, earn respect within their field, and connect with projects and DAOs. In return, they often get to work on projects they’re passionate about and many are offered full-time positions down the road.
  • Developers are also using web3 bounties as the new way of working. They can work on various bounties for different DAOs and projects, instead of being recruited by one organization;

👉 What’s a web3 bounty? Complete guide to bounties

How to use bounties to hire web3 talent

To hire developers through bounties, you should first identify what programming languages developers will be using on a day-to-day basis.

Then, using a bounty platform like Bepro Network that focuses on blockchain and web3 development, you can open a bounty, specify the requirements of your issue, and evaluate responses from candidates who have applied.

Make sure you explicitly disclaim the bounty’s end goal is to hire a developer and provide links to other relevant information regarding the position.

By offering financial rewards to developers who successfully complete certain tasks, you are encouraging more candidates to learn about your project and help meet your tight deadlines.

Ultimately, hiring developers through bounties can be a great way to tap into a large pool of talent, as well as get your project off the ground quickly.

The new Web3 Resume

Another unique feature of the web3 hiring process is the ability to easily verify information.

It is possible to use blockchain to validate false and true information provided by potential candidates, eliminating the need to contact ex-employers or extensive hiring assessments.

It’s simple to create fake resumes on web 1.0 and 2.0. This became more difficult with web3, which eliminated outdated HR procedures and streamlined hiring.

In other words, blockchain eliminates the need for multiple verification providers to carry and process data.

Basically, blockchains systems work like this on the web3 hiring process:

  • Professionals can submit their profile data, including previous work experience and degrees;
  • Companies, universities, and other educational institutions can use blockchain systems to validate true information automatically;
  • The system matches verified CV details to job requirements and recommends candidates to recruiters.

It all adds up to provide people with a unique professional digital identity, with encrypted data securely stored on the blockchain.

According to Amna Usman Chaudhry, a financial economist and strategist for blockchain, metaverse, and Web 3.0, “as educational certifications move to the blockchain, it would be easier to verify the educational history of applicants. These advantages will similarly carry over to work experience, making it quicker and easier to validate the applicant’s work history.” — he said in a Fast Company article.

Bashar Kilani, managing director at Accenture, observed in the same article that future CVs can be represented by NFTs such as collections of experiences and digital badges. In this case, they are non-transferable NFTs and cannot be sold.

At Bepro Network, we also use NFTs to verify that work has been completed. Developers who complete a bounty receive an NFT, which can then be displayed on their resume (or become the resume itself).

To Summarize

Web3 is changing drastically the way hiring happens, and for the better.

Discord communities are the new hub for tech and software fields, as well as web3 aficionados. Search for relevant servers and use Github to assess the best profiles.

Bounties can also be used as a tool to assess and hire devs, or simply to decentralize your project’s development.

Bepro Network is a blockchain-based bounty platform that connects developers with projects and DAOs looking to hire talent for web3 projects.

Using Bepro, you can post bounty requests and connect directly with developers who are interested in working on your project in exchange for financial rewards.

With its focus on decentralized development, bepro allows companies to tap into a diverse network of talent and quickly get their projects off the ground.

To learn more, visit Bepro Network.




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