Join the waitlist for Bepro Bounty Network’s v2

2 min readSep 5, 2022

We’re reaching the final countdown and Bepro Network’s v2 is just around the corner. This new version, focused on decentralized development, was updated with new features, fixes and improvements to the protocol and web app.

The new bounty network will be launched soon, however, starting today, you can join the waitlist and be part of the developer ecosystem ! Work with us to build the best experience for developers and projects and get rewarded with BEPRO.

At Bepro Network, developers and promoters will be able to work, collaborate and contribute to open-source projects.

Choose your role

  • Bounty Developer: The individual who completed the technical work specified in the bounty. More than one person can contribute to the bounty
  • Bounty Promoter: Stakeholder that creates and defines a bounty on a network and deposits the initial reward in BEPRO or other ERC-20 token to be distributed to developers and the curator.
  • Curator: A protocol participant that proposes a merge proposal + bounty distribution to solve the bounty. The participant needs (at least) X sBEPRO (Staked $BEPRO) to be eligible to be a curator.

We envision a future in which web3 developers’ work is completely decentralized and have the opportunity to contribute to the web3 ecosystem, while getting paid fairly for their commitment.

Be the first to join Bepro Network and discover new challenges. Join the waitlist.




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