LayerX Monthly Report — August 2023

5 min readSep 7, 2023

We’ve been having a great summer at LayerX with lots of events and a dash of that silly season spirit! As August bids us farewell, it’s time to dive into what transpired within our company playground this month. So grab a drink, sit on the front porch and enjoy all the LayerX updates from August.


Web3 Xplorer

In August, we launched the Web3 Xplorer, a Web3 events aggregator that compiles all the information about the Web3 events happening worldwide on topics like Blockchain, Crypto, NFTs, Dapps, DeFi, and everything Web3-related.

The Web3 Xplorer aims to be a tool built for and by the community. Don’t forget to visit the page regularly to be updated on everything happening within the Web3 community and add interesting events that are not yet listed!

Check out the Web3 Xplorer 🌐

Web3 Marketing, Design and BD: Our Team’s Take on Web3

This month, our blog embraced a content ramp-up, with the publication of industry-specific opinion articles written by the LayerX team. It’s an important shift in our blog’s narrative that we intend to maintain so we can keep contributing to the growth of Web3 and its community.

This month, we wrote about the different dimensions of Web3. Here’s the list of topics we covered:

Good readings! 🤓

New LayerX Talks episode with Linea!

Last week, we engaged in an insightful conversation with Linea in the latest episode of LayerX Talks. We delved into the future of dApps and how Linea is offering Web3 developers a platform to create dApps more conveniently and affordably by harnessing an EVM through Layer2.

In case you missed it, listen now on Spotify.

We celebrated LayerX’s 5th anniversary!

Our Portuguese-based team came together for a delightful afternoon, enjoying a barbecue and a sunny summer day by the pool. As we reflect on the past and look forward to the future, this celebration serves as a reminder of our dedication and commitment to our mission.

We express our gratitude to every team member worldwide 🫶 Without them, LayerX wouldn’t be possible.


TAIKAI’s Web App scores 10/10 in Security Audit

Over the past few months, Hacken has been diligently conducting an in-depth Security Assessment on the TAIKAI Application, and this month marked the release of the assessment results.

The research conducted by Hacken’s Security Team identified the TAIKAI Application as HIGH-Security level, scoring an overall rating of 10 out of 10.

This evaluation not only confirms TAIKAI’s web app as a resilient and secure web app, but also highlights TAIKAI’s unwavering commitment to ensuring an ironclad security framework for its platform.

Here’s a brief overview of the assessment framework and results we achieved 🤏

Buildathon — ETH Argentina 2023

The ETH Argentina 2023 was a huge success, and LayerX couldn’t be prouder of being the official platform sponsor. With over +350 participants, the hackathon was a truly memorable event filled with insightful speeches, network opportunities, and talented builders dedicated to developing innovative products during the hackathon.

We created a special edition of Mx. X, the EtherArgentina Buidlathon Edition which we offered to all the incredible builders that participated in the event. Have you claimed yours? Share it on Discord or Telegram with us!🔥

TAIKAI v3.7 was released

On a final note, we made several updates to TAIKAI’s platform. The improvements from the last version concerned mainly the API, the CMS, and the Front-end.


Infrastructure Grant Application

The Bepro Network has recently launched an Infrastructure Grant to support the growing number of emerging Web3 projects. The Infrastructure Grant is designed for ambitious developers and project owners seeking to leverage the dedicated Bepro bounty network to accelerate the development of their Web3 projects and maximize their impact.

If that’s you, visit the Infrastructure Grant page where you can find all the information about the Grant and fill out your application!

Bepro v2.17 Development Updates

Earlier this month, we released Bepro v2.17, featuring many design enhancements and bug fixes. The overall redesign includes improvements to the bounties, curators, profile, wallet and voting power pages. We also fixed bugs on the navigation and payments page.

What’s coming?

In September, we’re kicking off the beta-test for our Withdraw and Deposit feature!

We received almost 100 entries, and although we couldn’t select everyone, we appreciate each and every one of you who applied. If you didn’t make the cut or missed out this time, don’t worry — there will be plenty of chances for collaboration and missions with our awesome community.

Come and join our Discord so you won’t miss any of the exciting news and sneak peeks of everything we’re preparing behind the scenes! 😉

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