LayerX Monthly Report — January 2024

4 min readJan 31, 2024

January tends to feel quite lengthy, but it has eventually come and gone. This was a very busy month at LayerX, with important product developments and close collaboration with leading companies in the blockchain industry.

Today, let’s take a moment to recap what went down at LayerX this month, before kicking off February!


New entries to the Portuguese Web3 Ecosystem Map 2024

Building on the success of last year’s map, we teamed up with Masterblox to reveal the 2024 edition of the Portuguese Web3 Ecosystem. After publishing the map, we were overwhelmed by the positive response from the community and suggestions of new additions to the list, which we evaluated and crossed-checked against the acceptance criteria. After reviewing all the new applications, we have added a few more companies to the list that we believe will keep making significant contributions to the Web3 Portuguese ecosystem in 2024.

Here’s the new Portuguese Web3 Ecosystem Map for 2024.

LayerX Talks with Starkware

In this episode of LayerX Talks, we had the opportunity to engage in an insightful conversation with Starkware in anticipation of the Starknet Winter Hackathon. During the session, the organizers shared what participants can expect from the hackathon, and we also had the opportunity to chat with the sponsors of the various participation tracks.

🎧 You can listen to the episode here.

LayerX Talks with Pulsar Finance

In the latest episode of the LayerX Talks, we were joined by Miguel Loures, founder and Head Of Product at Terra, an open-source, public blockchain that hosts a growing ecosystem of applications. Together, we delved into some of the common challenges of building dApps and the many opportunities of building on Terra.

🎧 You can listen to the episode here.

LayerX Talks: roadmap for 2024

This month we’ve hosted a very special episode of the LayerX Talks. The session saw our team coming together in full force to share with our community the future plans for Bepro, TAIKAI, and the entire LayerX ecosystem in 2024. The session opened with our CEO, Mário Alves, sharing his vision for the company in 2024, followed by every department sharing their respective insights to achieve the vision and goals established for the year.

🎧 You can listen to the episode here.


TKAI has been listed on MECX Exchange!

This was a very special month for TAIKAI’s native token, $TKAI. On 23rd January, $TKAI was officially listed on the MECX Exchange. Now, any user can buy or trade $TKAI on secondary markets which will expand the token’s accessibility and pave the way for increased liquidity and trading opportunities. We’ve written an in-depth article about the significance of this listing for TAIKAI and its community which we kindly invite you to read.

👉 Read the full article here.

Starknet Winter Hackathon

2024 started with an incredible opportunity for all blockchain enthusiasts and developers. The Starknet Winter Hackathon kicked off on 29th January for 3-action packed weeks filled with jamming sessions, demos, and mentorship from top experts. This is a very special hackathon leading up to ETHDenver where participants will have the chance to develop their skills while exploring Starknet’s ecosystem and tools. Winners will be announced on 18th February, and we can’t wait to see the projects submitted! 🤞


Release of Bepro v2.19

This month we released Bepro v2.19, the latest version of Bepro which brings a lot of improvements and new features to the platform. The changes and updates introduced in this version fall into two main categories: improvements to the User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX), and enhancements to the back-end processes. The platform has been completely revamped and we’re sure that builders that leverage the platform to solve tasks will now enjoy a better, more seamless user experience. As always, don’t forget to share your feedback!

Get to know all the updates and features of Bepro v2.19.

What’s coming?

Next month, we will keep working closely with our partners and clients to provide you with the most incredible hackathon experiences. We’ve also been working behind the scenes to improve our products and establish new partnerships that will benefit the LayerX ecosystem. Stay tuned as we’ll disclose more details in the upcoming weeks 🙂.

We are ready for you, February!




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