Open Grants Announcement — +1M€ in grant funding for projects building on bepro-js

3 min readAug 17, 2021
Open Grants Announcement — +1M€ in grant funding for projects building on bepro-js
Open Grants Announcement — +1M€ in grant funding for projects building on bepro-js

As you know, earlier this month we successfully launched our grants program. We announced nine amazing teams in our first cohort, all of them working on projects and ideas looking to push further the BEPRO ecosystem and network. At the moment, all the teams and builders are working hard, and we expect to have many updates to share in the upcoming weeks and months!

This successful launch was also a very good learning experience for us at BEPRO: we fine tuned the application process, learned with some positives and negatives, and overall improved our process. And most of all, this experience helped us decide what to do next.

In this article, we’ll cover the following:

  • The reason of launching Open Grants
  • Amount for the Fund
  • Timing for the applications
  • Which projects can apply
  • And How-To apply

Launching Open Grants

After careful consideration, we realized that having regular closed batches is not effective and aligned with our approach and with the industry too.

We concluded that it doesn’t make sense to have specific timings for applications. Every team is in a different place, the industry moves very fast, and in order to support innovation we should not be limited by arbitrary timings and schedules.

Considering our goals of continuously growing the network and projects using our codebase and protocol, we decided to have a different approach, and instead of launching multiple batches with specific application deadlines, we will launch an Open Grants programme that will be open on an ongoing basis during 2021 and 2022.

The goal is to continuously support innovative builders and projects that want to bootstrap and build with BEPRO Network (either with our protocol or with our codebase bepro-js).

How big will the fund be?

In order to achieve this we will be opening a fund of €1,000,000 specifically for the Open Grants!

Also, the grants can go up to 25K EUR per application. Payment is made in BEPRO or stable currencies.

Unused portions of the grant fund may be allocated towards the funding of internal projects that build out the protocol.

When will the applications open?

Application for the Open Grants should be available by the end of Q3. We are currently launching our own protocol and network which will enable developers and operators to interact with our codebase in an easy-to-use, visual environment. The protocol will be a key element for the functioning of the grants so we need to wait until the testnet is effectively launched.

The launch of the testnet should happen by the end of Q3, and that’s when we will start accepting and reviewing new applications for the grant.

Who should apply?

Anyone is welcome to apply for a grant. Projects funded through our program are broad in scope, but our focus lies on strong projects that add value to the ecosystem.

Also, projects with a strong team, with a proven concept, with some prior work already done, and presented in a detailed and clear manner will have better chances of getting accepted.

How to apply?

You will be able to apply directly via GitHub by following the rules and guidelines explained here:

Terms and conditions apply to all Open Grants applicants. Go here to review them:

I have a project that I believe is suitable for a grant. Can I speak with someone for feedback and guidance?

Reach out to We can help you think through your project and provide some guidance and feedback on your application.

Have a great idea for a decentralized app using bepro-js? Sign up for a developer grant in our #BUIDL 2021 Grants Program!

If you are a team, project, enthusiast or community member that thinks that your blockchain project could benefit from on-chain protocols, you can get in touch with us by sending an email to our Inbound Manager:

Interested parties should check out our Open Issues on Github or message us directly in our Developers’ Community.

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