Product Series: Bepro v2.19 update

4 min readJan 25, 2024

At Bepro, 2024 couldn’t have begun in a better way. We have just released BEPRO v2.19! The latest version of Bepro brings a lot of improvements and new features to the platform which looks completely revamped and provides a more seamless and better user experience. In this article, we’re going to go overall the updates and improvements introduced.

Improvements to the User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX)

We’ve made several improvements to the Bepro interface, enhancing the navigability of the app and improving the overall user experience for builders who leverage Bepro to solve tasks. While the number of improvements is significant, we’ve highlighted the most important ones to keep you updated and let you know what to expect the next time you visit Bepro.

UI Notifications (BEPRO-1903)

The latest version of Bepro now offers users real-time updates, announcements, and alerts directly within the application. Users can opt in at any time to stay informed about the latest developments on the platform and receive timely notifications in the dedicated ‘Notifications’ section at the top menu of the page.

Bounty closing whitelist (BEPRO-1904)

The newly introduced Bounty Closing Whitelist feature enables the configuration of a list of addresses to facilitate task closure, adding an extra layer of control and flexibility in managing tasks within each marketplace.

Task card improvements (BEPRO-1915, BEPRO-1917, BEPRO-1921)

Task cards have also undergone significant enhancements, now displaying additional information such as task type, marketplace affiliation, and a redesigned task state display. These improvements enhance the visual representation of tasks for a more intuitive user experience.

Marketplace and network filters (BEPRO-1914, BEPRO-1922, BEPRO-1928, BEPRO-1931)

Marketplace and network filters have been introduced across various pages to refine and enhance content navigation in the new version of Bepro. This includes filters on the tasks page, curators list, and the Voting Power page, providing users with a more tailored browsing experience.

Decoupling global state (BEPRO-1927 to BEPRO-1937)

Another important architectural improvement added to the latest version of Bepro is the decoupling of various components from the global state. This restructuring will enhance the overall stability and maintainability, allowing for smoother updates and future expansions.

Streamlined backend processes

On the back-end, we’ve also optimized and simplified the operations, workflows, and functionalities to improve efficiency which ultimately will contribute to a better, more seamless user experience.

Business Event Emission (BEPRO-1313)

The Business Event Emission feature marks a significant advancement in understanding the lifecycle of each user’s flow. With this new feature, the Bepro team will be able to collect valuable insights into user interactions and optimize processes for better community support.

Smart Contract Notion Page (BEPRO-1716)

Internally, the Smart Contract Notion Page has been introduced to provide transparency by listing all deployed contracts. This will serve as a centralized reference point for the team, ensuring easy access to the latest smart contract information.

Bug fixes for a seamless experience

BEPRO v2.19 addresses several bug fixes that now ensure a smoother and more reliable user experience. From layout issues to functional glitches, our development team has ironed imperfections so users can now focus on effective collaboration within the application.


The latest release of Bepro has brought new features and various improvements to the platform, now completely revamped and better addressing user needs. The launch of the Task Marketplace saw protocol members more than doubling in number, with the community actively engaging with the platform to solve tasks. The changes introduced in this latest version stem from the feedback we’ve received from builders and from our own experience as users of the platform. We hope these enhancements improve the overall user experience and help grow the Bepro user base further. As always, thank you for your continued support and keep sharing your feedback with us 🫶

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