Starknet Winter Hackathon: An inside look with Liran from Starkware

4 min readJan 22, 2024

The Starkware Winter Hackathon is right around the corner! While the excitement builds, we had the privilege of engaging in an insightful conversation with Liran Hees Richman from Starkware, where he shared his vision for the hackathon.

Liran gave a sneak peek into what to expect from the hackathon and shared some behind-the-scenes insights into the planning and exciting elements that will make this hackathon an unforgettable experience for all participants.

Let’s dive into it!

What inspired the creation of the Starknet Winter Hackathon, particularly in the context of anticipating ETHDenver?

“ETHDenver is more than an event, it’s also a celebration of innovation in the blockchain world, and StarkWare is very proud to be a part of it. We’ll be in Denver to engage with the community and immerse ourselves in the activities that will make this event so special. Unlike previous years where we hosted our standalone Starknet hackathon, this time, we’re taking a different approach to make this experience even more memorable. We want to see our hackers forge direct, meaningful bonds with Starknet ecosystem projects, leading to truly remarkable creations.

We believe that through this hackathon, participants will not only contribute to the Starknet ecosystem but also experience the joy of building and innovating together.”

Are there any particular technology trends or challenges you aim to address through this hackathon?

“In this hackathon, we’re rolling out the red carpet for some of the most innovative Starknet platforms. We’ve lined up an array of Jamming sessions — think dynamic workshops, captivating demos, and inspiring talks — where each platform will bring forth a bunch of interesting challenges and problems for our hackers to tackle.

But here’s where it gets really exciting: each platform is filled with incredible technological advancements. From the exciting world of Onchain gaming and the realm of Appchains, to the transformative potential of dApps and native account abstraction, AW and more.

There’s a whole universe of possibilities to explore, and hackers will have the freedom to dive into whatever sparks their curiosity. Whether it’s focusing on a single challenge that resonates with them or mixing and matching to create something uniquely their own, the sky’s the limit. We want our hackers to feel that rush of excitement as they explore, create, and innovate so come, join us, and let’s make something phenomenal together.”

What impact do you expect this hackathon will have on the participants’ understanding and application of Starknet and decentralized technologies?

“Exploring Starknet is an adventure in itself, but what we’re offering at this hackathon is a dive into the real magic of hands-on experience. We’re setting the stage for a transformative experience where every participant can unleash their creativity, collaborate in dynamic ways, and truly embody the spirit of innovation that drives Starknet. By the end of this experience, we expect that each participant will not only have a deeper grasp of Starknet’s capabilities but also a renewed enthusiasm and confidence in contributing to the future of decentralized technologies.”

What unique opportunities do you believe the Starknet Winter Hackathon offers to both seasoned and emerging developers in the space?

“Whether you’re a veteran in the field or just starting out, the Starknet Winter Hackathon is a unique platform where learning meets innovation. It’s a chance to work alongside the best, to absorb knowledge from experts, and to transform your ideas into reality. So, gear up for an adventure where experience leads to victory.”

What long-term effects or changes do you hope this hackathon will bring to Starknet?

“Our vision for this hackathon extends far beyond the event itself. We’re aiming to catalyze a wave of sustained engagement and innovation within the Starknet platform. We’re excited to see hackers not just participate, but truly immerse themselves in active projects on Starknet. It’s about fostering a community where each participant, regardless of their experience level, feels empowered to expand their horizons.

We anticipate that this hackathon will be a springboard for a multitude of innovative projects. Our hope is to inspire all of you to explore new ideas, and push boundaries in ways that resonate throughout the Starknet ecosystem. We’re not just looking for immediate outcomes; we’re nurturing the seeds of long-term growth and development.”

Visit the Starkware Winter Hackathon webpage to learn detailed information about the challenge, including the timeline, tracks, and events. You can also visit the tutorial where we guide you through the registration process step by step.

Why join the Starkware Winter Hackathon?

The Starknet Winter Hackathon is a 3-week hackathon organized by Starkware and leading up to ETHDenver, where developers and blockchain enthusiasts will have the opportunity to join workshops, receive mentorship, and explore Starknet’s ecosystem and tools.

Participation is free and everyone is welcome to participate, no matter the level of experience. Besides the mouth-watering prizes, participants will have the golden opportunity to build a valuable network with leading blockchain experts and work on real-world projects using Starknet’s powerful stack.

Join us at the Starkware Winter Hackathon and let’s make something incredible together!

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