TAIKAI & Bepro Network annual retreat

3 min readSep 21, 2022
TAIKAI & Bepro Network annual retreat
TAIKAI & Bepro Network annual retreat

The first annual TAIKAI and Bepro Network retreat was a huge success! Over the course of three days, we had the opportunity to meet the team, build friendships and discuss our company’s future.

Here is a summary of our retreat:

All roads lead to Peniche 🌊

Peniche is a coastal city in central Portugal, which stands out for its natural beauty and history.

With pristine beaches, breathtaking cliffs, and a historic fort, we couldn’t have chosen a better destination for our first annual retreat.

Also, Peniche is a well-known location worldwide for its incredible waves and the World Surf Championship, which will get to in a moment 😉

The team, composed of 19 members from 4 different countries, traveled thousands of miles to be together in this retreat — and it was awesome!

Surf’s up! 🏄🏽

Visiting Peniche and not surfing is impossible, or at the very least, an outrage! 😆

While some members were sunbathing, others were busier trying to ride a wave (or simply staying afloat).

For most of us, it was our first time surfing and we had the help of a couple of seasoned team members to guide us through. Overall, it was a fantastic experience and a great way to start the day.

Web3 always on our mind 💡

Our retreat would be incomplete if we didn’t talk about web3, right? One of the benefits of having a global team is that we get to know new projects and markets where the web3 industry operates, sometimes in a different manner or with a different strategy.

We shared a lot of our knowledge, favorite projects, the ETH merge and discussed the exciting future of web3.

Discussed the future of TAIKAI & Bepro Network ♾️

Working remotely is truly wonderful, but there’s just something about having everyone present in the same room rather than on a Discord call.

We took the chance to share the vision, the roadmap and the plans that lie ahead for the company. Everybody had a chance to share their thoughts and we had incredible insights from the team.

Workshop by the pool 🏊

Learning is a critical element of our company’s culture. And, in an ever-changing industry, there is always something new to discover every day.

We took a deep dive into this workshop and had a splashtastic time 😎

Barbecue time 🍖

Nothing better than ending the day with the team gathered for a wonderful barbecue. Time to socialize, get to know all the team members, and have a great time.

These last few days have been incredible, and we can’t wait for the next retreat! At TAIKAI we’re proud to have an ambitious and passionate team working on this project and we can not wait to learn what the future holds.





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