TAIKAI & Bepro Network’s Roadmap: our goals for 2023!

8 min readJan 20, 2023
TAIKAI & Bepro Network’s Roadmap: our goals for 2023!
TAIKAI & Bepro Network’s Roadmap for 2023

TAIKAI and Bepro Network are set to undergo major updates in 2023, with a focus on delivering quality features and simplifying our products for users.

We are excited about what lies ahead and buidling harder than ever!

In case you missed it, we hosted a Twitter Spaces community talk and our team discussed the plans for this year. Make sure to follow us on Twitter for future talks!

Revamping TAIKAI Labs 🍃

We plan to start Q1 of 2023 with a fresh revamp of TAIKAI Labs.

Currently, TAIKAI Labs is mostly known for hackathons, but it also encompasses Bepro Network’s product, which can be a bit misleading at times.

Our goal is to unmistakably differentiate our current product offers, making them even more transparent and objective while boosting their adoption rate.

TAIKAI Labs — as a company — will undergo a rebranding process, both in naming and design, as we intend to pass out a clearer message to users and potential customers.

This progression also demonstrates that our organization is steadily advancing in terms of both growth and product maturity.

Product development for 2023 📦

At Bepro and TAIKAI, our main objectives for the upcoming year are to continuously gather feedback from our community and users to inform our product development and roadmap.

Hélder Vasconcelos, CTO and co-founder, stated: “We are committed to delivering high-quality products and services that meet the needs of our users and community, and we believe that this approach will lead to long-term success and growth.”

“In addition, we will stay up-to-date with industry advancements and trends to ensure that our products are at the forefront of innovation. Our overall product vision is closely aligned with our long-term vision and strategy as a company.”, he added.

Bepro Network’s v2 Technical Roadmap 🧑‍💻

For this year, we have several new features and updates planned for Bepro’s v2 Technical Roadmap.

Multi-chain support

One of the major updates we are planning for this year is the implementation of multi-chain support for the Bepro Network. This feature will congregate all the already existing networks we have on other chains into one single domain, app.bepro.network, so users can access the full Bepro Network ecosystem without having to hop between websites.

We plan to release this in the first quarter of the year, with Moonbeam, Aurora, and Bitgert as the first chains supported, but more will come in the future.

Bounty Discovery Page

One of the key updates is the introduction of the Bounty Discovery Page.

This page will provide the community with an overview of all that’s currently happening within the Bepro Network ecosystem, listing all networks and their bounties for easy access and navigation within the application.

Bepro Notifications

Another new feature we are introducing is the Bepro Notifications. This will provide users with a live summary of what is happening on the network, including bounties, proposals, disputes, or Pull Requests.

To improve the mobile experience, we will be revamping our application layout to be more mobile-responsive.

Wallet Connect

We will also be integrating the Wallet Connect SDK, which will make it easier for users to participate in the Bepro Network ecosystem using a variety of wallets, not just Metamask.

Introducing KYC

We will also be implementing KYC (Know Your Customer) for developers participating in bounties.

This will benefit both organizations and the community by ensuring the legality of remote working, as well as providing assurance to the bounty owner and community that there are no identity thefts. We are currently testing this feature and plan to release it this quarter (Q1).

Streamlining the User Experience in 2023 ⚡

When it comes to design, one of our company’s major goals for this year is to improve the User Interface of our products in order to enhance the user experience and make our products more accessible and user-friendly for all kinds of users.

The first major update that we will be releasing very soon is an update to the TAIKAI Homepage and Product Page, which we want to make more product-focused and convey all the important details about how TAIKAI differs from all the other hackathon platforms.

Product Tour for Bepro Network App

To help new users navigate our Bepro Network App, we have planned to add an Onboarding Tool. This will be a feature that guides users throughout the app, highlighting key features, user flows, and functionality.

It will be designed to make it easy for new users to understand all the capabilities of our app.

Our main goal is to drive the adoption of our product, and we believe that introducing our users to our product with guided experiences is the key to achieving this.

Aligning design with overall product vision

The new updates to our products are closely aligned with our overall product vision, which is to deliver high-quality products and services that meet the needs of our users and community.

The updates will simplify our products for all kinds of users, making them more accessible and easy to use, which aligns with our goal of increasing adoption.

“We want to make the transition from web2 to web3 as seamless as possible, and while it will take a bit more time and feedback from our users, we are fully committed to achieving this goal”, said Rodrigo Sousa, Head of Design.

Marketing Initiatives for 2023 ♾️


In 2023, our company will be focusing on several marketing initiatives for both TAIKAI and Bepro. One of the key initiatives is co-Marketing with organizations and projects. By interacting with other ecosystems, we hope to attract projects and developers to our ecosystem. A great example of this initiative is the Bepro Talks we’ve started hosting on Bepro’s Twitter Spaces.

Another important initiative is the Bounty Network for partners, which offers potential clients the opportunity to try out our product before building their own Bounty Networks. This can help drive adoption by building trust and demonstrating the value of our product offerings.

Partnerships with web3 events

We also plan to partner with web3 events such as ETHPorto and DeHouse initiatives to promote our products by providing a platform for us to share information about our products and services, and for our community and users to connect and engage with us.

These initiatives will increase awareness about our brands and provide a space for users to learn more about what we do.

Regarding ETHPorto, which will happen between the 16th and 18th of March, Mário Alves, CEO and co-founder, mentioned:

“TAIKAI is involved in the organization of the event, with the support from ETH Foundation. We are focused on bringing quality sponsors for the event and we’re already seeing the community engaged. We truly believe this will be an awesome ETH Event. We’re enjoying the process and the attention it’s getting, especially considering it’s the first edition.”

TAIKAI will be the platform used to host the ETHPorto hackathon (applications already open).

Community incentives and rewards

In addition, we will continue to offer incentives and rewards for the community, such as offering POAPs to our community in the Discord server. This will amplify the experience and engagement by offering exclusive access to many initiatives in TAIKAI and Bepro Network during this year and rewarding the community for their effort and contributions.

Sales Strategy for 2023 📊

In 2023, our sales strategy will be focused on participating in web3 events as a way to drive adoption.

We believe that participating in these events will help increase visibility and provide opportunities for us to connect with potential users and partners.

Increasing Bepro Network’s Adoption

Just like we mentioned before, the team is focused on collaborating with the largest ecosystem players and targeting Layer 1 and Layer 2 projects, as well as DAOs, in order to increase Bepro Network’s adoption.

This will enable us to expand our reach and provide our products and services to a wider user base.

Henrique Silva, Business Development Manager said:

“We will collaborate with one of the biggest ecosystems in the web3 space, so be sure to stay tuned for the announcement in the next couple of weeks. By focusing on these types of projects, we hope to build a strong and diverse community around Bepro Network and drive the adoption of the platform.” — he added.

Major Features and Updates coming in TAIKAI v3 ☑️

TAIKAI’s v3, the next version of our hackathon platform, will be featuring several major updates and new features.

These include the introduction of a Proof of Participation system, new voting systems, and the migration of TAIKAI’s blockchain operations to an EVM.

Introducing Proof of Participation (POP)

One of the major new features in TAIKAI V3 is the introduction of the Proof of Participation. This system will allow all hackathon participants to receive on-chain NFTs that showcase the projects they were involved in.

“This new feature will provide every hackathon stakeholder — such as participants, juries, or mentors — with a tangible and verifiable way to demonstrate their participation and the projects they worked on, evaluated, or mentored”, said Henrique Macedo, Head of Product.

Also, we will be allowing them to mint NFTs from past hackathons through our Retroactive Minting feature.

New voting systems

TAIKAI v3 will be introducing new voting systems to improve the hackathon experience. These new systems will make the hackathon more inclusive, more accurate, and more transparent.

Specifically, the following new voting systems will be added:

  • Guest voting: This system is especially useful for physical events and will allow for more private voting.
  • Multiple voting: This system is an improvement on the current voting system and will make it easier to have voted by categories with different rankings.
  • Quadratic voting: This system allows Juris to distribute votes with multiple options in mind, allowing for a more diverse and fair assessment of projects.

Migrating to an EVM

Another key update coming in version 3 is the migration of TAIKAI’s blockchain operations to an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). This will bring many benefits such as increased security, and interoperability and allows us to take advantage of the existing development ecosystem and tooling available on an EVM-based network.

Partnering with Web3 Hackathons for TAIKAI

Our plans for partnering with web3 hackathons include participating in these events as a sponsor or organizer.

This will benefit TAIKAI by giving us a platform to showcase our products and connect with potential users, developers, and partners.

By participating in these events, we aim to increase visibility and reach for TAIKAI, and to build a stronger community around the platform.

We are excited to embark on a new year and to continue our journey toward delivering high-quality products that meet the needs of our users and community.

We believe that the strategy we outlined will help us drive growth, increase adoption and ensure a seamless and enjoyable user experience. With the right approach and dedication, we will be able to achieve our goals and exceed expectations.

We invite you to join us on this journey and to be a part of our growing community!

Happy new year. LFG! 🚀




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