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7 min readNov 8, 2023

Bepro has evolved, expanding the types of tasks available in the platform. We understand that these changes can be a bit overwhelming, but fear not, because we’ve put together this comprehensive FAQs guide to provide you with the answers you need to get started with confidence.

Let’s dive right in!

What has changed in the new Bepro?

The Bepro platform allowed builders to solve bounties and earn crypto, but it was primarily focused on developers, leaving a large audience unable to participate and use the platform.

One of the major changes in the new Bepro is that you no longer have to connect your Github repository to the platform when creating a task. This gives users the possibility of creating any type of tasks, according to their specific needs.

To encourage participation from new users without development backgrounds, we have rebranded the Bepro platform as the “Task Marketplace” and replaced the term “bounties” with “tasks” to help onboard the next wave of users and create a friendly environment for this more diverse community.

What is a Task?

Tasks are small gigs you can participate in, in exchange for a monetary reward. The Task Marketplace allows you to discover new projects to contribute to and get paid for your work by solving tasks.

What is the Task Marketplace?

The Task Marketplace is where organizations can create tasks and builders can browse and solve them for rewards. On Bepro you’ll find two different types of Marketplaces:

  • Open Marketplace: the global task marketplace where anyone can create tasks and earn rewards.
  • Custom Task Marketplaces: as the name suggests, these are custom marketplaces owned and managed by an organization.

What types of tasks are there in the Task Marketplace?

The platform offers a wide range of tasks curated for individuals with various talents and expertise like writers, designers, marketers, video editors, and other professionals. You can connect with other builders and organizations, and trade your solutions and reviews for rewards.

How is work rewarded in the Task Marketplace?

The rewards can be paid in $BEPRO, $USDC, $USDT, and $DAI.

Do I have to connect my MetaMask wallet to Bepro?

Yes. It’s mandatory that you connect your MetaMask wallet to Bepro, because the connection with MetaMask will enable user authentication and the process of rewarding.

[For Builders]

Why should I solve tasks in Bepro’s Task Marketplace?

Tasks are the perfect way for builders to develop skills while earning crypto and building a portfolio.

How can I start working on tasks?

The process is very simple.

Start by connecting your wallet and then browse the Task Hall to see a list of available tasks. Select the task that interests you the most and matches your skills and click ‘start working’. That’s it! Once you finish working on that task, submit the deliverable, that is, the file containing your solution.

For more information, visit the in-depth tutorial on how to start working on tasks.

What types of deliverables can I submit on a task?

The deliverable can be any type of file — it can be a document, a presentation, a link, or any type of file that delivers the expected solution for that task. For detailed information on how to submit deliverables, make sure to check this tutorial for builders.

If a builder is working on a task, can I still work on it?

Yes, if a task displays ‘Working on,’ it means someone is already working on that task, but the task is not blocked to new contributors. You can still work on the task and submit your solution. Afterward, the curator will review both solutions and determine the best one to propose a reward. Just be aware that if the number of builders working on that task is significant, it might be worth considering a task with fewer or no contributors.

What happens after I submit a solution?

The solutions submitted will be reviewed by curators, who are community members responsible for reviewing and approving the work submitted. If curators review your work and think your solution is the best, they will propose a reward and you’ll receive the funds in your wallet.

What if other solutions have been submitted for the task I worked on?

If more than one contributor is working on the same task, curators must review everyone’s work and decide the % of the reward that should be distributed by each one.

If your solution is perceived as better than the others, you’ll receive the entirety of the reward. However, if different solutions are accepted, the reward is split among the builders who submitted the approved solutions, according to the reward proposal created by the curators.

How is a reward defined?

When an organization creates a task, it defines not only the total reward for the task but also the reward distribution, that is, the reward to be paid to every contributor.

After assigning a total reward for that task, here’s the reward breakdown the organization must define:

  • % to be paid to the builder that submitted the solution (builder)
  • % to be paid to the user that submitted the reward proposal (curator)
  • % to be paid to the user that accepts the reward proposal (accepter)

Note that the platform takes a 2% fee of the total reward.

What is a curator?

Curators are users that review the work submitted and propose a reward for those solutions. Curators can be the users that created the task, or they can delegate curation powers to their community. You can read more about the curator role and delegating votes in this tutorial.

Can I become a curator?

To become a curator, you’ll need to lock 1M (1 million) BEPRO tokens in the platform. This measure was designed to ensure that curators are committed to their role. When the user locks the tokens to become a curator, the tokens are converted into TBEPRO Votes, the currency used for voting.

What is voting power?

Voting power is measured in TBEPRO Votes and it allows users to vote on submitted work or dispute reward proposals. Voting power can be acquired by locking BEPRO tokens or through vote delegation from curators to other community members. More votes mean more voting power. To learn more about how to lock tokens or acquire voting power, please refer to the curator tutorial.

What is a reward proposal?

After a contributor completes a task, it becomes available for community review. A user with enough voting power can then propose a reward for the submitted work if they believe it meets the criteria and deserves the task reward.

Each deliverable can have only one reward proposal. Once a user with voting power accepts a proposal, the creator of that solution is granted the reward.

What if I don’t agree with the reward proposal submitted?

If that’s the case, you have the option to open a dispute. This allows users with enough voting power to contest the reward proposal for a particular solution if they disagree with the decision to grant the reward to the creator of that solution.

If a reward proposal is disputed, that submission is canceled and a new deliverable should be submitted and accepted with a new reward proposal.

[For Organizations]

Why should I create tasks in Bepro?

The Task Marketplace allows you to overcome geographical barriers and opens the door to talented individuals from across the globe to collaborate on your projects with increased efficiency and transparency.

Can I have my own customized Marketplace?

Yes. You can open tasks in the Open Marketplace, a global task marketplace where anyone can create tasks, or create your own custom task marketplace.

A customized marketplace allows you to configure all the Marketplace parameters, have your own branding, pay builders with your token of choice and delegate the curation of task reviews to the community. If you want to learn more about custom marketplaces, reach out to our team.

How can I create new tasks?

To create tasks, start by connecting your MetaMask wallet to Bepro. Then, head over to the Task Hall and create a new task, making sure to fill the necessary information, deliverable requirements, and reward information.

After I create a task, can I edit it?

When you create a new task, it is initially saved in ‘Draft’ mode. The duration of the Draft mode depends on the Marketplace, but in the Open Marketplace it lasts for 24 hours. During this time, you can make edits to the task details, adjust the reward or delete the task. Once the validation period ends, the task is live and you cannot make any more changes or delete it.

What if I want to cancel a task?

If, for any reason, you decide to cancel a task, you can do so very easily while it’s in Draft mode by following the steps in this tutorial.

A final word

We hope we’ve answered all your questions. If there’s anything else we missed, feel free to reach out to us anytime on our Discord or Telegram. And don’t forget to check out our blog for tutorials with in-depth information on:

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