What is Bepro Network?

4 min readMar 1, 2022


What is Bepro Network?

Bepro Network is a Protocol for Decentralized Development to build decentralized codebases like Bepro-js, an SDK for .sol templates — powered by TAIKAI Network.

  • Build the future of Web3

Manage disputes in the network, participate in them and earn token rewards by curating the system & providing development resources.

  • Find issues to work

Connect with builders and other developers and trade your commits, review, and work for rewards in BEPRO, USDC, or other tokens.

  • Curate the system

Create proposals for bounty distributions & curate the Bepro Network by creating disputes whenever you don’t agree with a bounty distribution of how much each contributor should receive.

Who can use the Protocol?

Bepro Network is an Autonomous Protocol for Decentralized Development. It allows anyone with a development project (also known as an Operator) to outsource work in a decentralized manner through bounties, and by connecting them directly with builders worldwide.

As a Developer, you can work freely on any open bounty and be rewarded in BEPRO, USDC, or other tokens for your work.

In sum, those who can use the protocol are mainly developers and projects/builders who want to use the technology to decentralize the future of their projects. Also, entrepreneurs and operators wish to source developer talent globally. Restrictions apply, see our Terms & Conditions here.

What specific problems does the Protocol solve?

Decentralized Projects or Decentralized Protocols in today’s age face issues sourcing developer talent. Inability to decentralize their development in perpetuity, currently, big projects are still dependent on the main contributor/founding team to develop future features and the future of the development of the protocol/infrastructure, creating a technical dependency from the community to the main creators and software developers. This is not sustainable and does not develop real decentralization of incentives, nor does it ensure the continuity of a community based on a project.

The so-called DAOs are majorly financial/treasury DAOs that decide the usage of funds and act as a fund, not as a development entity for the future of a specific technology stack. As Protocols are evolving mechanisms, different visions lead to Forks and segregation of developers within a community from which incentives are misaligned.

How does the Protocol solve these problems?

Bepro Network as a Protocol is an ecosystem of decentralized resources for developers and companies building open-source applications in a decentralized, trustless, and secure way.

With Bepro Network you can decentralize the development of your project. Being able to leverage the power of decentralization to engage, as needed, with a talented community of developers and manage your development and open issues within a single platform.

Here even treasury DAOs can be used to decentralize the development/incentive distribution between holders of any token. This ensures the direction of decision-making on the software together with the Development DAO protocol, while also ensuring the treasury depositing in bounties to develop certain features are set in an automated/transparent structure for developers of the community.

We hope one day projects allocate a percentage of their token supply directly to ensure decentralized development for the long term, ensuring a good amount of tokens are fairly distributed to community developers to continue the development process in perpetuity with the right incentives using the Bepro Network Protocol to incentivize this decentralization.

Key benefits of using Bepro Network:

  • Any developer can solve open issues and get paid for it an automated and decentralized manner
  • Any entrepreneur or enterprise can source developer talent around the world to build their blockchain project
  • Flexible smart contract templates and Javascript libraries for common use-cases such as token creation, NFTs, staking, DAOs, Prediction Markets, and more
  • Ensure real decentralization of your project’s growth
  • Token Governance in your own Development DAO
  • Significant Token Distribution among community developers who contribute to the project’s future and perpetuity
  • As a developer, be part of several projects or join the project you mostly believe and trade your commits for the project tokens by being an important holder of the ecosystem, dictating the future of its protocol or DAO

The future is brighter when decentralized. Start your web3, NFT, or blockchain project today. Join at https://www.bepro.network/

Educating the user and community

You can access an extended support/FAQ page with all of the community’s questions regarding the protocol. You can learn more in the support center where you’ll find information regarding the following topics:

  • General information about the Protocol & bepro.js SDK
  • Frequently asked questions
  • BEPRO Token & Tokenomics
  • How to use the Protocol as an Operator, as a Developer, or as a BEPRO Holder

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